Tech in your LG TV | LG EXPERIENCE

The revolution will be televised, with state-of-the-art tech making your TV experiences stunning to watch, smarter to use and more sophisticated all round. Read about the latest in display tech and get the lowdown on how artificial intelligence is making it easier to find the content you want.

1. Alpha processing stays smooth

Your TV’s processor is like its brain, determining how fast it can switch between apps, how quickly its functions work, and how detailed images are displayed. LG Alpha processors offer the ultimate in TV technology – from the Alpha 7 to the flagship Alpha 9.

How it works?

Your viewing experience is enhanced by upscaling picture quality to 4K levels where possible. Fast-paced action movies and live sport are smooth and free of blur – while colours are rich and detailed. The Alpha 9 processor goes further with Quad Step Noise Reduction to reduce blurring and banding between frames.

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2. ThinQ about the AI revolution

Gone are the days of controlling your TV by endlessly scrolling to find what you want. With ThinQ, you can use the built-in microphone of your Magic Remote to command your TV to watch your favourite box sets, live sports and movies.

How it works?

ThinQ is built-in to many LG devices, including TVs. It harnesses the power of Google Assistant to recognise your voice commands – so you control your TV by simply talking to it. Simply hold down the microphone button on your Magic Remote to give your voice command and let ThinQ do the rest.

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3. Nano Cell makes 4K better

Your TV display is made up of pixels, which combined create the picture you see on-screen. The more pixels, the better and more realistic the picture. The arrival of 4K increased the number of pixels fourfold to over 8million, giving the picture more depth and wider viewing angles without losing quality. Nano-cell technology takes things further.

How it works?

Nano Cell technology (on LG Super UHD TVs) places the pixels in your TV one nanometre apart – that’s really, really close. This lack of space between pixels creates true-to-life images with consistent, uniform colours. Full array local dimming, on select LG Super UHD TVs, seriously improves the TV’s ability to produce black colours – atmospheric skies and dark city streets are super realistic.

4. OLED delivers Deep Space perfection

To replicate real life picture quality on screen takes serious innovation. Enter LG OLED TVs, famed for their ability to produce the deepest black colours and brilliant shades of white side by side. Hollywood director Tim Miller calls it ‘a window into a new reality’.

How it works?

OLED TVs use a completely different screen technology. Self-emitting pixels create their own light source – there’s no need for a backlight to create the picture. Individual pixels switch on and off automatically, so you can have absolute black next to brilliant white with no light bleed.

Night skies or deep space look incredible with perfect planets and stars against inky black sky. 

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