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The best OLED TV for the ultimate viewing experience, according to the experts


The side view of LG OLED TV in the living room

When it comes the ultimate home cinema experience, experts agree that OLED technology provides the perfect mix of vibrant colours and all-encompassing sound.


It was back in 2013 that OLED TVs first arrived on the market and provided competition to the more common LED and LCD displays. Promoting perfect black levels and excellent colour, OLED was quickly recognised as the superior television technology thanks in large to one important factor – it delivered the best picture quality.


But what exactly is OLED? Well, it actually stands for organic light-emitting diode, which simply put, is made with organic compounds that light up when fed electricity. And unlike LEDs, OLEDs can be made extremely thin, flexible and astonishingly small. This allows them to be used as individual pixels, with millions occupying a television screen, all lighting up and shutting off completely independently. And that helps create such incredible picture quality and the very best experience for the viewer.


Black, the most important colour


Delivering a cinematic experience is vital and LG OLED TVs achieve this thanks to the ability to showcase perfect black. With more than eight million self-lighting pixels that can control their own luminance in each display, stunning levels of contrast add depth to all colours and bring out the richness in the image.


This is vitally important not just for the viewer, but for the people behind the camera who want the images to come to life away from the big screen.

“I think that all visual artists are looking for that perfect black,” explains Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool. “All the effort they put into making beautiful imagery is represented on the screen and the infinite contrast you get just makes everything pop off the screen. It's incredible. With the LG OLED TV you really get the perfect black.”


Together with Jungle Book and Titanic VFX Director Rob Legato, Tim gets to experience the films he created in the way he intended; with perfect black.


Harmonic, the official partner for the NASA TV UHD channel, also championed LG OLED TVs as the ideal choice for those looking for a true reflection of the beauty of outer space.


“LG’s OLED TVs, with their ability to deliver deep blacks, showcase the recently announced NASA TV UHD channel in the best possible way, taking consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space.”


A TV that blends into the wallpaper


Another huge factor when it comes to OLED technology is the ability for it to be housed in televisions that are thinner than a smartphone. This can be seen in the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8, where all objects and materials have been removed from the screen, providing a purer viewing experience.


Boasting a 77” screen, measuring 2.5mm in width and weighing just 12.3 kilograms, this television proved a huge hit with influential reviewers such as Unbox Therapy and Marquez Brownlee. Both were amazed that the Wallpaper TV not only delivers an immaculate picture, but also stunning sound quality, thanks to the soundbar that features Dolby Atmos.



This provides any home with the opportunity to sound like a cinema, with Dolby Atmos moving in a three-dimensional space. There is a more realistic creation of audio, with sound emanating from all directions, even above. This is achieved through two upward-firing drivers that create a surround-sound effect without the need for multiple speakers cluttering your living room.


The power of the processor


What really makes the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 stand out from its competitors is the brilliant brain that acts as a processor to deliver the ultimate picture quality. The α9 (Alpha9) Intelligent Processor is optimised for the television, delivering clarity with exquisite detail, vibrant colour and more depth presented on every image.

The α9 has double the amount of noise reduction steps versus dual core processors, significantly suppressing noise and enhancing the image. The advanced algorithm within the processor also improves the clarity of images by removing artefacts and rendering clean, sharp 4K pictures.

With more processing power, hi-octane content looks better than ever before. Whether gaming, watching live sport or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, there will be clear, smooth motion with less judder and blurring even at the highest frame rates. The internal Colour Look Up Table (CLUT) has also been significantly increased so there is more depth and accuracy to colourful content.



A home cinematic experience like no other


The combination of an extremely powerful processor, rich and vibrant colours, and powerful, moving audio allows LG OLED TVs to truly stand out. These premium features will transform the space of anyone seeking a full home cinema experience. And while all deliver maximum picture quality, leading reviewers agree that one of the very best OLED TVs on the market is the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8.


With its sophisticated ultra-thin wallpaper design, crisp surround sound and advanced OLED technology delivering a vivid image praised by filmmakers, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W8 delivers an immersive experience unlike any other. And with football’s biggest tournament coming to our screens in June and July, there’s no better time to invest in a show stopping TV.


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