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Picture Quality – Primary Color Coordinates

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We have learned so far that pure light is composed from all the colors of the rainbow.

Upon refraction, as would suggest water droplets on a sunny day, colors disperse from

sunlight across the sky at different speed thus creating a rainbow.


The human eye retina is photosensitive to only three colors: red, green & blue.

Mixing these three primary colors in various blends create an infinite palette of different colours.

Mixing the primary colors in gradually increasing equal amounts will make up the gray scale,

also known as the White Balance.


Getting your monitor, Flat Panel Display or television screen properly calibrated at its core

color foundation will ensure most natural & realistic extensive color palette.



Expert technicians equipped with state-of-the-art colorimeter and software will spend an hour

or so calibrating the White Balance on your TV screen then target and lock in most accurate

color coordinates for an absolutely breathtaking picture quality on screen.


Since 2008, LG has been featuring ISFccc (certified calibration configuration) at the front end

of its Flat Panel Displays’ on-screen display menu for a more thorough shot at perfection.



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