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TV keeps triggering circuit breaker

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Circuit breaker / fuse / surge protector trips whenever TV gets powered “on”.

How to fix

1. Ensure television’s electrical plug’s ground terminal is properly inserted into wall AC outlet or in the power bar.

If the problem occurs only when using a surge protector power bar, check the status of that power bar. It might be old and have suffered its share of wear ‘n’ tear.

※ If there is no ground connection in the power bar or way too many products connected to that same bar, there is a good chance it can trip household circuit breaker or fuse. Re-adjust accordingly.

2. If an antenna cable is connected to the antenna RF input socket at the back of TV, remove that cable and connect only the power cord to the wall socket.


When antenna cable is removed, power cord is connected to AC wall socket and the circuit breaker doesn’t trip, then it is obvious the antenna line may be defective. In this case, contact the installer, building management office or subscribing cable provider, pending your situation, to drop by and verify the line.

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