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TOU.TV – Service relocation on NetCast TV

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TOU.TV the French CBC station (Radio-Canada) Internet faction is a popular French on-demand video content provider based in Montreal to the service and benefit of French-Canadians viewers.

Smart TV premium service “TOU.TV” was closed down on October 1st 2016, at the service provider's request.

During the re-packaging of Premium Content in November (software update) the app icon will be removed from the Premium Zone and the service is expected to be available again from the LG Content Store.

Again, this applies to NetCast models only and the service will be available for webOS1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 televisions as usual.

Service is expected to resume in November but will be found in the Smart World App store as opposed to the Premium Content Card.

 Situation Update

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French Radio-Canada) has revised its position with respect to Smart TVs and chosen the same path as several other organizations opting to concentrate their efforts and ICI.TOU.TV streaming services, to maintain optimal service, on mobile digital devices only. Here is an official response from Radio-Canada's Community Technical Assistance Forum:


Same as evidently portrayed on "ICI.TOU.TV" website’s main page:

The options available to LG Smart TV owners are either using the browser by accessing the site from or;

To find out more information from tutorials offered by Radio-Canada at the following link:

We respect CBC's decision and hope that you will benefit from superior playback performance by viewing ICI.TOU.TV content on your LG TV via your phone or other mobile device.

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