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Smart TV Internet Speed

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Some customers are curious as to the Internet connectivity speed to their Smart TV. Below procedures will instruct how to determine the Internet Speed.

Please note that Smart TV process the Internet speed attributed to them from the Network router. The more devices sharing the network bandwidth as well as the quality of the service provided will contribute greatly in limiting end result and hardly the TV on its own unless it is operating wirelessly and at quite the distance from the router.


To get Internet speed to show up on screen for monitoring purposes or just curiosity, go to the YouTube App.

On the left hand side click the More Option menu ( • • • )

Select Settings by clicking on that option.

Using right arrow key beside trackball on remote controller go to Show Video Info and enable that feature.

While streaming any YouTube video content, you can determine the Internet speed as illustrated below:

Turning off the feature is easily done by bringing up streaming menu by clicking very bottom of the screen.

Clicking on More Options on the left as shown below...

Go to the last icon on the right. You toggle between "enable/disable" every time you click it.

Disable to remove the information from appearing on screen or enable to view current speed status.

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