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Dispenses Crushed Ice When Set to Cubed

  • Dispenser Issues
  • Set to cubed, but dispenses crushed
  • Troubleshooting
  • Appliance Accessories, Refrigerators


When the ice is dispensing crushed ice even though the dispenser is set to cubed, this is usually caused by ice cubes being too large. Check the ice cubes to determine if they are full size or not. If the cubes are all attached in a row, this is an example of too much water going to the tray causing the water to overflow from one cube to another.

If the icemaker has a size selector, press the size selector button until the icemaker is set to small cubes. This will reduce the amount of water that is filled in the tray, which will reduce the size of the cubes. If there is no size selector on the icemaker, the water pressure can be adjusted on the home valve. Partially close the water supply valve to reduce the water pressure to the unit. Because most icemakers fill on a timer, reduced water pressure will reduce the amount of water that is filled in the tray during the same fill time.

If the ice cubes are stuck together, this indicates that the ice dispenser is not used frequently. Break up the ice cubes by shaking the bin to loosen the cubes. Check the ice bin to make sure that it is positioned correctly. Remove the ice bin and reinsert it, then attempt to dispense ice again.

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