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Leaking Inside Freezer

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Water leaking inside the freezer is usually the result of something spilled, or water coming from the icemaker.

If a food container was placed in the freezer and was not completely sealed or came open somehow, the liquid in the container could have leaked prior to freezing and froze once it cooled down. Check all containers and reseal them securely. Clean up the spill with a warm, wet cloth. Dry everything thoroughly afterwards.

If the water is coming from the icemaker, the water pressure may be too high resulting in water overflowing the ice tray. If this is the case, try one of the following options:

1. Reduce the size of the ice cubes.

2. Turn down the home valve to partially close the water supply.

3. Install a water pressure regulator.

These three options will reduce the water supply to the icemaker to prevent overflowing.

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