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Encumbering immediate space

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  • Vibrating
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  • Refrigerators




Putting items on top or leaning on the side of refrigerator



Symptom Symptom


             1. The refrigerator keeps making noises.



Cause Reason


             1. Placing objects on top of the refrigerator can cause vibration.

             2. Noise risks becoming louder if refrigerator is in contact with other products.



How to fix How to fix


             1. Allow enough space between the refrigerator and other units to prevent amplification from

                 vibration as a low vibration occurs when the compressor and the fan start running.


                   Objects on top or on the sides of a refrigerator can cause vibration or malfunction.


Objects on top or leaning against the side of a refrigerator can cause vibration or result

     in malfunction.

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