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Countertop microwave oven installation

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Proper installation of a countertop microwave oven




symptom Symptom


              1. Precautions for installing as well as caring & cleaning for countertop microwave oven.




How to install  How to install

             1. Install on a firm, solid and even surface .
             2. Check the product’s location.            
                 If the unit is placed over the sink or on any steel surface, noise level risks being very loud.

             3Installation in an open area is recommended for ventilation. However that proves unfeasible,

                 wherever it will wind up, make sure to keep a minimum clearance distance of 20 centimeters

                 from the top and 10 centimeters  from left, right, and back of the product to prevent physical

                 deformation and/or appliance malfunction.


                installation clearance


             4. As the oven can interfere with TVs or radios risking causing unstable video or noise, keep

                 distance of 4 meters between the microwave over and other radio frequency devices.

                 Do not install in an enclosed cabinet.


             5. Avoid placing heavy objects or lace-decorated cover on top of microwave oven.

                 It may result in bodily injury should objects fall or unit risks malfunction due to overheating.


             6. Plug in the power cord to a grounded 110V power socket. As the microwave oven requires

                 most of an AC line’s power avoid using a power bar especially where other small appliances

                 may running off just to prevent tripping circuit breaker or blowing fuses    





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