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Water Supply – Slow filling up / No water / Not enough water

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This Help Library piece deals with water supply issues such as: “No Water”, “Filling Slowly” and “Not enough water”. Albeit Energy Efficient Top Load Washers operate on way less water than older conventional models, the water supply may require inspection to ensure proper flow to the washer. Minerals in the water can also clog the inlet water filters. Finally, the idea of little water in a top load washer may require some getting used to but, for those insisting on more water, these machines feature a WATER PLUS option feature.




 : Error will occur if water pressure is low. Check house water pressure.

‚ : Filter in water supply hose coupling connecting to rear of washer prevents smooth water flow

       on account of overabundance of accumulated mineral residue.

           When filters are blocked, they will interfere with water supply. Shut the water, disconnect

           the hose from washing machine, remove filters then clean them thoroughly before re-insertng

           them back into place.

How to clean filter
Shut the tap and unplug the power cord.
 ② Disconnect the water supply hose by rotating counterclockwise and remove filter.


[Pull out filter using long-nose pliers]


[Rust on filter]


 ③ Clean out debris on filter with flowing water and a small brush then put back in.


[Clean with brush and re-assemble.]


※ Note : "IE error occurs when the water does not reach level within 8 minutes from the time water

             supply has begun.



If the water flow is not obstructed, the house water taps connected to the washer are fully opened and the inlet water filters are debris-free but you still believe the machine could use more water to complete the wash then please refer to the following option and instructions to properly activate.



PLEASE NOTE: Water Plus option can only be enabled when the washer is running its wash cycle meaning the button must be pressed after the load sensing and the first few water sprays needed to properly assess the load size have been completed. Load sensing operation can take up to 3 or 4 minutes to fully execute. ONLY once wash cycle is underway should the Water Plus option button be pressed for more water.



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