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Power “Wake Lock” detector

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Power Saver - Power "Wake Lock" Detector




check point Check Point


         Power Saver: In case any 3rd party application does not go into sleep mode and keeps the

            “wake lock” up, a warning about battery consumption will be displayed on G3 Lollipop Operating

            System devices under version v20h.

               v20h version was released after February 5th.



symptom Symptom


         ■ Users experience greater battery consumption than usual with Lollipop OS compared to

            previously operating KitKat OS because many 3rd party apps have not yet been optimized

            on the Lollipop OS.



how to fix How to fix


         User can circumvent “Power Saver” as per following:
              1) Play
an app which consumes lots of battery power.
              2) Press 
the HOME key. App is now working in the background.
              3) Turn off the screen by timeout.
              4) Turn
on the screen back “on” after little over 3 minutes.
              5) Check
Check notification bar. User can enter app information or terminate the app from

                   notification panel.


            notification bar



              how to turn offhow to turn off


              Power Saver does not apply to all apps. It will only activate for an app that consumes 

                    great amount of power from the battery
                    Power Saver would be activated depending on app version.

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