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Guest mode


With Guest Mode, set a unique unlock method (knock code, pattern, PIN, or password) for guests that gives limited access to apps, keeping device settings and personal information safer*.

Note: *Some owner/personal content and information may still be accessible to a user in Guest Mode.

Setup Guest Mode
Use Guest Mode

Setup Guest Mode

To setup Guest Mode:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Settings  > General tab > Guest mode  > read the introduction and tap Done.

  2. Tap the switch on to enable Guest mode. Tap OK to continue. 

  3. Select and setup a Lock screen of your choice. For more details on how to setup a lock screen, click here.

Note: If you enable Knock Code lock screen, the Guest sequence must contain the same number of taps as the Main sequence.

Guest mode access must use the same lock screen type as the Main sequence. For example, if the main sequence is using Knock Code, the Guest mode must setup a Knock Code sequence as well.

  1. Tap OK in the prompt that displays to continue with setting a Guest mode lock screen sequence.

Guest Mode Settings:

Allowed app lets you choose which apps are accessible in Guest mode. Tap Allowed app and checkmark the apps of your choice.

Wallpaper allows customization of the wallpaper in Guest mode.

  1. Tap Wallpaper and select either Gallery or Wallpaper gallery.

  • For Gallery you will be prompted to crop the image, select Crop picture (if asked). Resize the image to your liking and tap OK.
  • For Wallpaper gallery, select the wallpaper of your choice and tap Set wallpaper.

Lock screen type allows you to change the Guest mode lock screen sequence.  Options depend on the main lock screen sequence set for the device.

Note: If you change the main lock screen after enabling Guest mode, you will need to change the Guest mode lock sequence from here.

Help provides an on-device tutorial for setting up Guest mode.

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Use Guest Mode
  1. After setting up and enabling Guest mode, press the Power/lock key to lock the screen.

  2. Press the Power/lock key to wake the screen and enter the Guest mode lock sequence you chose during setup.

Note: With Knock Code option set, it is ok to enter Guest mode knock code sequence with the display turned off.

  1. The Guest mode Home screen is displayed with the apps selected.

  2. To exit Guest mode, lock and then unlock the screen and enter your main unlock sequence on the lock screen.

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