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Quick remote controller application

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Setting up & operating QuickRemote feature (G4, G5 & V10)

The LG Quick Remote Application, albeit a great tool to control many Home Entertainment devices, was short-lived as a pre-installed App on G4, G5 and V10 LG smartphones.

Any subsequent newer model, such as G6 or Q6, despite being deprived of that wonderful feature, can find similar Apps at the Google Play Store. You will find more information at the end of this article.




             QuickRemote turns your phone into a Universal Remote for your home TV or cable box.

             Note: The first time you run an LG Application, you will be prompted with the LG apps rights agreement.

                        To use these applications you need to accept both the End User License Agreement and Privacy policy.                            

             1. Add a Remote

                 ① From the Home screen, tap the Apps ICON > QuickRemote ICON

                 ② Select a room from the top left, then tap the Plus icon ICON to add a remote.

                 ③ Select the type and brand of the device, then follow the on-screen instructions to configure the device.

                      Note: If you select LG for your TV manufacturer and tap Yes to complete setup, you will see an option to use Magic Remote.

                                 Magic Remote is a simple way of controlling a Smart TV for the most convenient, stylish and advanced Smart TV user experience.


             2. Use QuickRemote

                 ① From the Home screen, tap the Apps ICON > QuickRemote ICON
                      Swipe down from the status bar, then tap
QuickRemote ICON from the Quick Settings bar.

                 ② Select the remote you want by tapping the remote name at the top of the QuickRemote bar. If no remotes are added,

                      tap ADD REMOTE ICON.

                      Select the type and brand of device, and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the device.

                 ③ Point the top of the phone towards the device you are trying to control and use as you would a standard remote control


             3. QuickRemote Options

                 ① From the Home screen, tap the Apps ICON > QuickRemote ICON

                 ② To access the QuickRemote Options menu, tap the Menu Key ICON and select from the following:

                      - Magic Remote settings - add Magic Remote functionality for your compatible LG Smart TV. Menu option visible for LG TV remotes only.

                      - Edit remote name - change the name of your current remote.

                      - Learn remote - program individual buttons on a remote that you have added.

                      - Move remote - move a remote to another room.

                      - Delete remote - remove the added remote.

                      - Settings - checkmark ICON Auto-show at home to display QuickRemote on the notification panel or Lock screen when you connect to

                                            your Home Wi-Fi network.

                                            Follow the prompts to select your added Home Wi-Fi network. For touch feedback, checkmark ICON Touch sounds and

                                            Vibrate on tapTap Edit room profile to create a profile for a room type.

                      - Help - access help tutorials for QuickRemote.


             4.  Magic remote  controller option 

                 Magic motion remote controller option operates LG Smart TVs using the Touchpad and Smart Text (keyboard). Magic Remote is compatible only with LG Smart TVs released in 2012 and after.

                 ① From the Home screen, tap the Apps ICON > QuickRemote ICON

                 ② Select the added LG Smart TV remote and then tap Menu key ICON > Magic Remote setting.

                 ③ Tap the Supported models button and check whether your TV supports this feature.

                 ④ Connect your phone and LG Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network.


For users of an LG G6 smartphone or any newer devices for which the "Quick Remote" App has not been pre-installed, simply access Google Play Store from your G6 phone, or other device, and search for LG Quick Remote.

Pending TV Operating System type, there are different Apps.

For webOS LG TV (as per below screenshot):


Please select the “LG TV Plus” App:


If your current television’s Operating System is NetCast as per following:

Please select the App entitled “LG TV Remote” as per following:


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