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AP router firmware update

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How can I update the firmware on my router? Is the firmware update





Symptom Symptom


              I wish to update the firmware on my home network access point (AP) router.




how to use How to use


              1. Firmware update procedures will vary according to respective router manufacturers. Please

                  refer to router user’s manual. 
                  You can also access the Internet for respective router manufacturer’s website for directions.

                  Another useful website would be

              2. Firmware update is necessary to keep your router compatible with various devices while

                  maintaining its peak Wi-Fi optimal performance. Router manufacturers are not in the habit of

                  notifying end-users or publicly promote / advertise any new latest firmware upgrade. End-users

                  need to look for those every now and then.

              3. Compatibility issues may arise with IEEE 802.11ac or Wi-Fi chipset vendors (BRCM, Qualcomm,

                  MTK) in smartphone devices.


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