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Seamless play – NFC “Tag On” / Bluetooth Auto Play feature

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Getting Music Flow seamless play from Smart device




           Obtaining Seamless Play directly from Smartphone device onto Music Flow speakers.






1.    Using NFC “Tag On” (H3/NP8340, H5/NP8540, H7/NP8740, HS6/LAS650M)

             How to play smart device's music on your speaker:

                Place the smart device near the NFC tag on the speaker, while the smart device Music Flow

                Player is playing music.


                Then music from the Music Flow Player application will automatically play through the speaker.


             How to play the music from one speaker through another speaker:

                 Put the smart device on the NFC tag of another speaker while a speaker is playing music.

                 The music will be played from that speaker.


              * Seamless Play via NFC “Tag On” works only from Android phones bearing in mind some

                 Android Phones may not support NFC.


          2. Using [Auto Music Play]

             How to play smart device's music through the speaker:        

                      If your smart device supports Bluetooth function, turn on the [Auto Music Play] option in the

                      [Settings] menu on the Bluetooth Music Flow application then place your smart device close

                      enough to the speaker. Music will play from the speakers.



              How to play the music from one speaker through another speaker:

                      While a speaker is playing music, put the smart device close to another speaker. The

                      music will be played.


              * Bluetooth BLE (BT low energy): available in Android OS version 4.3 (or later) and iOS

                 version 7.1.1 (or later). Depending on smart device, it may not work altogether.


              * If it does not function even though the smart device is close enough to the speaker, please

                adjust [Advanced Settings > Sensitivity Settings]


        ▶ Operates only when Music Flow Player application is displayed on smart device screen.

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