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Changing Home Screen wallpaper on Android phone

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Should you wish to personalize, customize or simply change the home screen wallpaper on your smartphone running Nougat OS version 7.0 or greater, simply follow below listed instructions.


1. Press & hold a blank spot on the home screen until you get into Edit mode

2. Tap the Home Screen Settings button at the bottom

3. Select Wallpaper by tapping the option

4. Select location of desired new wallpaper

5. If selecting from the gallery, you may need to select from a particular album

6. Select the image you wish to appear as your new wallpaper

7. If a picture or photo, you may also choose the same picture for every page of the home screen or split the image between the pages.

8. Regardless of source of the image, you must tap SET option to lock it as your new wallpaper.

9. Make sure the message “Wallpaper has been changed” appears on screen.

10. Done.

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