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Your Laundry Room. Enhanced.

With LG Styler for daily refreshes, the innovative LG SideKick™ Pedestal Washer for small loads that can’t wait,
and advanced washers and dryers, the LG Ultimate Laundry Room keeps your family’s clothes looking,
smelling and feeling great—every day of every week. Click or tap the below images to learn more.

LG Styler

A Refreshing Partner For Your Weekly Wash Upgrade your laundry room with LG Styler. Refresh clothes between cleanings and reduce wrinkles and odors with the gentle power of steam. It even helps sanitize and removes allergens.

  • Helps Sanitize Toys, Clothes, Sports Equipment and More

    The Sanitary cycle powered by TrueSteam® helps reduce allergens in clothes, bedding, sportswear—even children's plush toys. LG Styler has also earned the asthma and allergy friendly® certification from the respected Asthma Canada for its superior performance in ridding fabrics of allergens.

  • Reduce Wrinkles

    LG Styler's deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers reduce wrinkles in your clothes. It's the easy way to look fresh between weekly washes or dry cleanings.

  • Reduce Odors

    The LG Styler's TrueSteam® technology reduces the odors that cling to fabrics, knitwear and even delicates. Now you can make odors from smoke, sweat and food a thing of the past.

LG Washers & Dryers

Mega Capacity Pair with SmartThinQ® Technology The WM9000HVA washer & the DLEX9000V dryer combine mega capacity with LG SmartThinQ® technology so you can get more done, faster, plus control key features from your smartphone.

LG Washers & Dryers

Ultra Large Capacity Pairwith TurboWash® and TurboSteam™ The WM4370HKA washer & the DLEX4370K dryer pair offers ultra large capacity to let you get more done in fewer loads, plus enhanced TurboWash® technology that helps save up to 30 minutes per wash cycle.

LG SideKick™ Pedestal Washer

For Small Loads That Can’t Wait The LG SideKick™ pedestal washer lets you tackle two loads of laundry at once and save time. Now you can
wash the small loads that just can’t wait in the compact washer below while you do a big load up top.

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Styling Inspiration for Your Ultimate Laundry Room

Whether it’s a loft or a mudroom, small space or large, there’s an LG Ultimate Laundry room setup that fits your style perfectly.Get inspired with some of our favorite ways to style LG laundry products. Click or tap images below to see more.

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