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Проблемы питания - Нет питания

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Проблемы питания - Нет питания


Нет питания


No Power

 How to fix

Is the power cord plugged inall the way?

Make certain that the power cord is plugged all the way in the outlet. It could have come loose or not be plugged in at all. If this is the case, plug the cord in to the outlet all the way. Once plugged in firmly, check the unit to see if it now powers on.

Has the circuit breaker tripped or fuse blown?

If the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse blown, the unit will not power on. Turn on the circuit breaker or, if necessary, replace the fuse. Once this is done, check the unit to see if it is now receiving power. If this was the issue, make certain that the outlet is on a dedicated circuit breaker.

Power surge
 - Unplug the microwave oven, then it back in.

Power Out-let
Micro wave oven usually consume 10~15A. Check your power out-let current capacity. If Microwave Oven use power  out-let with other unit, check total current.

Does the outlet that the unit is plugged into have power?

Check the outlet with another device, such as a lamp or other appliance of the same power rating. If another device is receiving power, but the microwave is not, it will be necessary to refer to service. Refer to warranty policy for specific model to determine warranty status and process.

It is possible for units, when first plugged in or after a power failure, to not operate properly. This can be the result of the microcomputer being scrambled. Unplug the unit for 15-20 seconds, plug the unit back in and try to operate the unit again.

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