1. What smart technologies are on offer in LG washing machines?

A washing machine purchase is a long-term commitment, so it’s important you’re able to find a model that caters to all the needs of your household. From the style to the colour and load options, there are so many factors that must be considered when purchasing your next washing machine. 

At LG, we want to make the washing machine buying process as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve produced the following guide to give you an overview of all our LG washing machines, their features and why choosing a washing machine model with smart technologies is a great investment. 

LG offers several different smart technologies in its home appliances range, and a number of the technologies we have developed are specifically tailored to make our washing machines as intelligent as possible. With people spending more time at home over the past two years, there’s been a shift in people needing their homes and the technology in their homes to work a bit harder for them. 

Whether that’s more innovative features such as a wifi-enabled washing machine that reduces time doing laundry or the need for quieter appliances while working from home – smart technologies are key to finding the optimal washing machine. The smart home sector has seen an acceleration of adoption as people have had more time to play with the features in their existing appliances and gadgets. 

What is smart technology?

Smart technologies can include a range of different factors with washing machines. Whether that is more innovative features such as a Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine that reduces time doing laundry or the need for quieter appliances while working from home – smart technologies are key to finding the optimal washing machine. The smart home sector has seen an acceleration of adoption as people have had more time to play with the features in their existing appliances and gadgets.  

2. Is it worth getting a smart washing machine? What problems do they solve?

Now, more than ever, making sure you have a product with the smart capabilities to support your household’s needs is so important. Over the years, the way we live has completely shifted, with many people now spending more time at home, being even more reliant on their appliances. 

What’s more, as energy prices continue to rise it’s fundamental for you to find an appliance that is going to maximise your savings, through its energy-efficient technologies. 

Managing washing machine noise

Washing machine noise can be one of the biggest bugbears, particularly in an age where so many individuals are working from home. At LG, we challenged ourselves to come up with a solution. Our washing machines feature a unique Centrum suspension system which uses shock absorbers to soak up vibrations during heavy wash loads and spinning, so now you can wash your clothes quietly. Users will no longer need to shut the door when making a call whilst the washing machine is on, as the unit will be quietly ticking away, causing no household disruption. 

How to manage your washing machine energy efficiency

Several LG smart technologies featured in our washing machines help you to manage your energy use. Our ThinQ™ technology gives you the ability to manage your washing on the go, via your smartphone, allowing you to turn off the machine when it’s not in use. Whilst LG’s Direct Drive™ inverter technology limits the amount of excess energy your washing machine releases when it’s on a spin cycle. At LG, we are always thriving to make our range of washing machines as energy-efficient as possible, with a number of our models being A-rated, including the LG F6V909WTSA and the LG F6V909BTSA.

How to use smart technologies to manage allergy symptoms

Many washing machines, including our LG models, have an allergy care cycle that can be enabled, this cycle utilises steam technology to sanitise clothes and remove any unwanted allergens, whilst also sterilising any bacteria to make sure your clothes have the ultimate clean feel. 

Our Turbowash™360 F4V910BTSE Washing Machine range has been awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval and features allergy and baby care programmes that sanitise clothes with pure water, using Steam™ technology. 

How to limit fabric damage with your washing machine

As we try to increase the longevity of clothes and move towards being more sustainable in our clothing habits, limiting fabric damage is paramount. LG’s latest washing machines all adopt AI DD™ technology which uses deep learning technology to deliver improved laundry results and minimal fabric damage. This is possible because AI DD™ technology determines the volume and characteristics of each load, factoring in fabric sensitivity and load weight to make sure that clothes are washed with the optimum cycle pattern.

3. How to solve your problems with an LG smart washing machine?

One of our LG TurboWash F14U2TDN0 washing machines in action
One of our LG TurboWash F14U2TDN0 washing machines in action

Smart technology is meant to elevate your home appliances to being the pinnacle of convenience, enabling households to control and monitor their appliances remotely not only to save time but to save on energy consumption and costs.

Read below to find out more about some of LG’s best smart technologies and how they could make a difference in your household. 

AI Direct Drive™Technology

AI Direct Drive™ (AIDD™) is an intelligent system built into your washing machine, designed to best understand, and protect your clothing. Our AIDD™ technology provides 18% more fabric protection over standard washing machines, keeping your wardrobe fresher for longer.

ThinQ™ Technology

Our ThinQ™ technology gives you smart control, so you can live a smarter life with a wifi-enabled washing machine. With ThinQ™ your appliance can now be operated from your smartphone, Siri and Alexa, helping you save energy and giving you more flexibility when using your home appliances. ThinQ™ is not just limited to washing machines but can also be found in our Fridge Freezers.

ezDispense™ technology
ezDispense™ technology

ezDispense™ technology

ezDispense™ technology senses the weight of each load of laundry you put in your washing machine, based on the weight of your washing load, it can automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent, making your laundry more convenient, limiting your household spend on laundry products and protecting your clothes from overdosing. Thanks to ezDispense™ you can correctly wash up to 35 loads with one quick and easy detergent fill.

ezDispense™ in action
ezDispense™ in action


LG’s washing machines, with Steam™ enabled, use performance-enhancing technology to eliminate 99.9% of dust, allergens and mites from your clothes. Not only this, but Steam™ has the added bonus of saving you time and money on your laundry, whilst also consuming less energy to help your household be more energy efficient.

One of our LG TurboWash F14U2TDN0 washing machines in action
One of our LG TurboWash F14U2TDN0 washing machines in action

4. LG recommended smart tech washing machines for your household

Our recommended LG TurboWash™ washing machine

Our  LG TurboWash™ FWV796STSE 1400rpm Washer Dryer is a WiFi enabled washing machine that provides consumers with an all-in-one appliance that helps save space in the home and makes more room for families. It's AI DD™ intelligent care provides 18% more fabric protection by detecting the weight and softness of the fabric and choosing the optimal washing pattern, helping clothes last longer. The model’s boosted external durable and elegant tempered glass door, as well as the hygienic and durable stainless lifter, enhance the product’s longevity. We do this to reassure customers, that they will continue to receive hygienic care for a long period of use.

Our recommended LG ezDispense™ Washing Machine

The LG ezDispense™ F6V909BTSA Washing Machine offers a host of innovative technology to help make laundry easier, faster, and more efficient. Securing ‘A’ ratings for energy, spin, and noise efficiency – which are the highest ratings to achieve. Our ezDispense™ system doses correctly for your machine based on information like load and fabric characteristics, with dosing up to 20 loads. Our technology uses a hybrid box system, if the user does not use softener, they can utilise that compartment for a specialist detergent or additional main detergent, which allows up to 35 loads. Automatic dosing cuts down on waste, as most people overdose their washes considerably - our system because of our AI DD™ technology, uses less detergent. Correct dosing keeps clothes looking better for longer, stops waste, increased detergent purchases and maintains product lifespan for longer. 

Our recommended Direct Drive™ Washing Machine

A front view of LG F4V308WNW washing machine
A front view of LG F4V308WNW washing machine

The LG Direct Drive™ F4V308WNW uses smart technologies to protect your clothes and save you money. The F4V308WNW uses our AI DD™ technology to ensure your clothes get the intelligent care they need, offering 18% more fabric protection than a standard machine. With technology based on the best data for accumulated washing experiences, AI DD™ offers the most optimised washing motion to care for your laundry products. The AI DD™ detects not only the weight but also senses the softness of the fabric and chooses the optimum washing pattern to limit your clothes from being damaged.


How do I know if my LG washing machine contains smart technologies?  

All of our LG smart washing machines contain various smart technologies, to find out what is available in your model head over to the product page of our LG website, where each of the model specifications will outline which technologies are present in your washing machine.

How do I care for my LG washing machine?

 We have produced a variety of video tutorials to show you how to care for your washing machine. In these videos, our experts provide advice on several topics from installation tips to performance troubleshooting. 

How do I find out how noisy my washing machine is?

You can find out information on the loudness of your washing machine by referring to the performance section of your washing machine’s specification, which identifies the Noise Level in dBA. 

If you are looking for a quiet washing machine model, choose one of LG’s Direct Drive™ models with Centrum Suspension, which features purpose-built shock absorbers designed to limit noise and give you a quieter washing machine experience. 

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