Energy efficient Washing Machines can help you save on your energy bills and save the planet all at the same time

Finding the most energy efficient Washing Machine model for you is no easy task, especially since the changes to the UK energy efficiency rating scale, which took place in 2021. However, when investing in a washing machine it’s fundamental that you select the perfect product for you, that has the capabilities to bring you as many energy saving avenues as possible. 

LG offer a great range of energy efficient Washing Machines, with a variety of models that cater for your household’s requirements. At LG, we are committed to developing innovations that ensure our products are as energy efficient as possible using our array of smart technologies. 

This article offers a step-by-step guide to support you in selecting the best energy efficient Washing Machine for your household’s needs.  

1. The new energy efficiency ratings in the UK

In 2021, the UK modified its energy efficiency rating system for household appliances, meaning new energy ratings for washing machines were now put into place. The system used to go from A+++ to D, but today it runs from A to G. As a result, an old A+++ Washing Machine will now get a new rating in the upgraded system. It's also worth noting that an appliance's current energy rating may not be exactly comparable to its prior energy rating, as the criteria for categorizing appliances has changed dramatically.

The new adjusted rating system has been revised to help both consumers and professional buyers to better understand a product’s overall energy efficiency, considering more factors than ever before. At the moment we are seeing a climate where reducing energy usage is vital, as consumers strive to be more sustainable and are looking for new ways to save money. Manufacturers and brands seen this demand and as a result have been developing products that use significantly less energy causing the old system to become obsolete, having been developed over 25 years ago. 

So, what is good energy rating for a washing machine? Thankfully, the new system improves clarity and offers consumers the average energy consumption in a familiar looking colourful scale from A-G, with some new additions including a QR code on the top of the labels, available to scan for more in-depth product information. Most products that were previously classified as A+++ will now be classified as a B or C energy efficient model, however that’s not to say there are new models that don’t make that A-rating such as the LG WiFi connected F6V909BTSA

Essentially, if you are wondering what the difference is between an A and B energy rating washing machine, a simple rule of thumb to remember is that it’s typically more efficient at the top, and “less efficient” at the bottom, so an A-rated machine should typically be better than a B model. However, with few products reaching the A status, a B model will provide everything your household needs and often much more.

The Energy Savings Trust, have produced a series of guides for those users who are looking to gain a deeper understanding into how the new energy rating system works so they feel more confident when entering the buying process. 

2. Factors that affect washing machine energy efficiency

There are several factors that affect your washing machine’s energy efficiency, from factors relating to your model, to the way you use it. We have compiled some of the most significant factors to be aware of, so even if your model doesn’t have the highest energy rating you can be aware of which factors can help you save on energy the most. 

The most important factor, as advised by the Energy Saving Trust, is making sure you don’t overload the washing machine drum. In overloading the drum, you can damage the washing machine’s structure and as a result make the machine less efficient. Furthermore, in overloading your washing machine you limit the circulation of water and detergent to your laundry as the clothes are unable to move around- resulting in clothes coming out unclean and an increased likelihood of items needing a second wash. 

We’ve included a list of other factors that can impact your machine’s energy efficiency:  

  • The temperature you wash your laundry at 
  • The cycle and load capacity of your machine 
  • The amount and type of detergent you are using in your machine 
  • The age of the model. In recent years, there has been rapid improvement in the energy efficiency of washing as a result of new Ecodesign legislation, which also limits the amount of energy that washing machines consume on standby which is frequently overlooked when thinking about your ideal washing machine purchase 

3. Washing machine energy-saving tips

There are several simple tips that can be adopted to make sure you are maximising your machine’s energy saving potential. Our experts at LG continue to develop new technologies and performance measures to continuously increase the benefits of energy-saving, however so much is determined by how you use your machine at home. So, when doing your laundry in future consider the recommendations below: 

Washing machines are most energy efficient when performing at lower temperatures for longer durations

  • The temperature you choose to wash your clothes at also has an impact on your energy usage, if you choose to wash at 20°C or lower you can minimise the amount of energy your washing machine consumes 

Make sure you follow manufacturer recommendations when loading the washing machine and selecting your preferred cycle 

Overdosing with detergent can also affect your washing machine’s energy efficiency. Detergent overdosing results in increased work for the machine, decreased wash performance and also hinders your overall savings as it can result in clothing damage and the need for replacement items. 

Autodosing washing machines will correctly dose the needed amount of detergent, helping to reduce the risk of the issues mentioned above 

  • Making sure you are being economic with your washing can also save energy as washing a load at the full rated capacity will save more energy than running two cycles with half the load
  • Turn your washing machine off when you are not using it, so it is not wasting energy on standby 

As we mentioned above, the biggest way to save energy with your washing machine is to make sure you have one of the newest models that has the benefits of the new Ecodesign legislation. At LG, we have gone above and beyond to make sure that our washing machines are providing you with the most energy efficient benefits. 

4. How to select an energy efficient washing machine 

When selecting your energy efficient washing machine, it’s important that you have a clear idea of your own personal criteria for a good energy saving appliance. It’s important to factor in things like the size of your household, so you can get a washing machine with the right capacity for you. It’s also key to think about whether you should invest in a smart washing machine and technologies you need - whether you want an appliance that connects to your smartphone or one that autodoses your detergent. For more information on what smart technologies are available in LG washing machines head to our guide here

At LG, we’ve also committed to making it as easy as possible for you to select a washing machine that has all the energy saving information you need at your fingertips. When looking at our products online, we break down all of the energy efficiency benefits of our products and rank them with gold, silver and bronze ratings, for the best energy saving appliances. Online, you can also find out more about the lifetime energy savings from each of our washing machines. 

5. Recommended LG washing machines that have an energy efficient power rating

Washing machine energy rating: Our top A-rated appliances in white

The WiFi connected F6V909WTSA is an A-rated energy efficient washing machine. With automatic detergent dispensing with EZDispense™ for better fabric care and less waste it contains a variety of smart technologies to lower your energy usage. The LG F6V909WTSA also allows you to cut your wash time to just 39 minutes without compromising the wash quality with TurboWash™ 360. It also offers allergy and baby care programmes that can sanitise your clothes with pure water using Steam™ technology. LG’s AI DD™ technology is another feature of the F6V909WTSA which automatically adjusts the wash motions based on fabric characteristics.

The LG F4V1012WTSE is another A-rated washing machine that can cut your wash time to just 39 minutes, without compromising the wash quality, with TurboWash™ 360. The machine minimises creases by 30% and eliminates 99.9% of allergens with Steam+™ technology. The F4V1012WTSE prevents fabric damage with AI DD™ technology, which adjusts the wash motions automatically based on fabric characteristics. The washing machine also includes our ThinQ™ technology to operate your machine from anywhere, download cycles and track energy usage.

The LG F6V1009WTSE is a Which? award winning washing machine that is also A-rated for energy efficiency. The machine contains a number of different technologies which all help to make as many energy savings as possible. The LG F6V1009WTSE minimises creases by 30% and eliminates 99.9% of allergens with Steam+™ technology, as well as protecting fabrics with AI DD™  technology. The washing machine also has a larger capacity even though it only requires the space of a standard washing machine.

Washing machine energy rating: Our top A-rated appliances in black

The WiFi connected F6V909BTSA is a black A-rated energy efficient washing machine model. The features of the F6V909BTSA include AI DD™ technology, which allows the machine to adjust the wash motions based on different fabrics and weights and TurboWash™ 360 to cut your wash time. The washing machine also offers automatic detergent dispensing with EZDispense™ which both improves fabric care and reduces waste.  

The WiFi connected F4V1112BTSA is an A-rated model that automatically dispenses the precise amount of detergent with EZDispense™ for better fabric care and less waste. Since this model is WiFi connected you can operate your machine from anywhere, download cycles and track energy usage with LG ThinQ™. What’s more, this model produces great results at high speeds thanks to TurboWash™ 360.

What technologies can make it energy efficient?

There are a number of different technologies that can make your machine more efficient. TurboWash optimises your machine to give you the best results in just 39 minutes, reducing the amount of energy your washes uses. EZDispense™ also optimises your machine to use the correct amount of detergent for every load, to prevent your machine from having to work overtime if there is too much detergent present. For more information on the technologies that optimise your machine check out our guide on Smart Technologies.

What is TurboWash?

TurboWash™360˚ is an even better evolution of our existing LG TurboWash™, which uses a Jet Spray to get a half-load of your washing clean in 59 minutes. TurboWash™360˚ reduces that time by a further 20, getting your laundry done in just 39 minutes* using high-pressure sprays that wash and rinse your clothes more efficiently, using less water and therefore less energy.

How energy efficient are LG washing machines?

LG already has multiple A rated washing machine models, giving you the best possible rated machines for efficiency, coming out on top for energy efficiency, spin performance and noise level. It’s these three areas that combine to give LG washing machines’ Triple A performance. For more information on our top rated washing machines, check out our range online. 

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