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For millions of people around the world, working from home has become the new normal. And while there have been plenty of positives - from an end to long commutes, reduced expenses and more flexibility with hours - the transition has not been easy for many.

Leaving the relative comfort zone of the office and having to carve out a work space at home has led many to feel as though they are lacking focus. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There are plenty of ways to improve productivity at home, even if you have a lively household complete with energetic kids and affectionate pets.

Setting up the ultimate home office

If you are working from home, either permanently or temporarily, then it is hugely important to set up a dedicated space that is both comfortable and has the right equipment.

Even if you can’t dedicate an entire room for your work, it’s imperative you have an area that feels like you’re working from an office, rather than the place you spend your evenings and weekends relaxing. If you can, it’s also good to find a space that benefits from natural light and is neat and tidy, as a messy room really can become a huge distraction.

A LG monitor on a work desk
A LG monitor on a work desk

So forget about sitting on the sofa with the laptop resting on your legs, you need a solid desk and a chair that offers proper back support. And if you are going to be spending hour after hour in front of the computer, then the LG 24BK550Y 24” Full HD Monitor is ideal. Not only does the IPS display deliver clear and accurate colours from all angles, but the versatile screen offers height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments. It can even be mounted on the wall should you be short on space.

Turn your smart speaker into your personal PA

Once your dedicated office setup is complete, then it’s time to look at ways to become even more productive. And one helpful tool is a smart speaker such as the LG WK7, featuring Google Assistant, which can help you organise your entire day.

A man waking up and admiring his LG smart speaker
A man waking up and admiring his LG smart speaker

Not only can you connect your calendar for meeting reminders, send messages via Slack or text by voice command and dictate important notes, but the speaker can also provide you with the latest news and travel updates.

And if you need some late afternoon motivation or entertainment during your lunch break, then the speaker delivers high quality audio that is crisp and clear, even if your favourite music is turned up to full volume.

Remind yourself to take a break

When you are surrounded by colleagues in a busy office there are plenty of opportunities to avert your eyes from the screen and give your brain a deserved break. But when you are working at home, it is all too easy to stare at the screen for hours on end.

You might get lost in a task or feel less productive and decide to work longer hours. But it is vital for your mental and physical health that you strike up the right work/life balance and remind yourself to take a break and regroup.

One way to ensure you step away from your screen is to set a reminder using Google Assistant on your LG smart speaker. This is a great way to make sure you implement the 20–20–20 rule, which suggests you should look away from your screen every 20 minutes in order to look at something 20 metres away for 20 seconds.

While giving your eyes a break is important, so is investing in a screen that can help reduce eye strain. The LG 34WK95C 34'' Curved UltraWide™ QHD Monitor is a great choice for those who find themselves getting headaches or blurred vision from looking at a screen all day.

The curved monitor not only enables you to take in the entire display at once without straining your eyes, but it improves depth perception, making images appear larger and easier to see.

A woman soaking in the sun rays whilst taking a break from work
A woman soaking in the sun rays whilst taking a break from work
Lighten your load with smart appliances

Work smarter, not harder is one of those phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but there is very little substance to it. However, if you have smart appliances in your home then it might just start to make a bit more sense.

With the LG Turbowash™360˚ Washing Machine you can use your ThinQ app to not only turn it on, but also be alerted when the laundry is finished. This way you can get on with your work in one room and you won’t have to worry about checking on your washing or forgetting to remove your wet clothes from the machine.

A person sitting on top of an LG washing machine
A person sitting on top of an LG washing machine
Stay connected, even on the go

Even if you are working from home, there will be times when you need to get out and about. Whether for a meeting or simply to stretch your legs, you may not be near your computer but there is often a need to stay connected with colleagues and be able to access work remotely.

The LG V50 is ideal for those needing to work on the go thanks to its dual screen. This allows you to work in multiple apps with ease. You can also easily answer work emails, while the Notes app is ideal for when you need to quickly jot down an idea or make notes when attending an important meeting. So no matter where you need to go, you will always be connected.

The dual screen of an LG smartphone allowing you to view a map and send messages simultaneously.
The dual screen of an LG smartphone allowing you to view a map and send messages simultaneously.

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