*The figures above are the available range of features.
*Pivot feature not available on model 34WN780.
Reddot winner 2022 best of the best

Reddot winner 2022 best of the best – 32UN880

“An ergonomic monitor arm that can be rotated vertically, horizontally and around its axis.”
monitor 32UN880 being the winner of IF Design Award 2020

IF Design Award 2020 – 32UN880

“LG lets users freely adjust the height of the 4K HDR IPS display thanks to the ergonomic stand system.”
monitor 32UN880 being the winner of CES 2020 Innovation Awards

CES 2020 Innovation Awards – 32UN880

“LG ‘UltraFine Ergo’ (32UN880) is a 4K HDR IPS monitor with innovative fully adjustable Ergo stand that promotes a clean and comfortable workspace.”
monitor 32UN880 being the winner of Ergonomics Society of Korea Design Award (EDA)

Ergonomics Society of Korea Design Award – 32UN880

“Special Award as a result of fair screening by then ergonomic experts.”

Wondering what ‘Ergo’ is

Unbox Therapy, Linus Tech Tips, Cinecom.net, TechSource, Karl Conrad, and Dailytekk meet LG UltraFine™ Display Ergo.

LG Monitor Ergo, Compatible with Your Posture

LG monitor Ergo helps you to boost up productivity and heighten the performance with a comfortable and stable posture.

Easy Setup for Diverse Users

Experience a comfortable and flexible workstation setup to suit individual needs and the type of work performed.
Easy Setup for Diverse Users Easy Setup for Diverse Users

USB Type-C™

It provides 4K display, fast data transfer and the power to charge your laptop through a single, convenient cable.

One Click Mount

Anyone can easily install a stand with One Click Mount.

C-Clamp & Grommet

The C-Clamp & Grommet makes it easy to install without changing or adjusting your existing desk environment.

Simple Cable Management

Through simple cable management, you can tidy up the connected cables easily.
*USB Type-C™ not supported on models 27GN88A and 34WN780.

For more details, click and see 'How to Ergo'

  • UltraWide™ Monitor Ergo for Developer

    If you are using various external devices, C-Clamp & Grommet allows you to use your space more efficiently by placing microphones, lighting and editing equipment in your space. When editing and stream video, you can adjust the position and keep the monitor close or away depending on the angle you want.
    UltraWide Monitor Ergo for Developer
  • UltraFine™ Display Ergo for Creator

    If you are using a multi-monitor set up, you can adjust positions and angle of Ergo stand monitor to the position of your existing monitors. You can enjoy stunning high-resolution picture quality from wide angle with the IPS display.
    UltraFine Display Ergo for Creator
  • QHD Monitor Ergo for Office Worker

    Many office workers suffer from a lot of inconveniences in small space. Just install monitor by C-Clamp & Grommet and then you can use the space where your old monitor stand sat on. Also you’ll sit in a comfortable, correct posture for a long time and ultimately. This will increase not only spatial efficiency but also work efficiency and productivity.
    QHD Monitor Ergo for Office Worker
  • UltraGear™ Ergo for Gamer

    You can reduce eye strain by adjusting the screen to fit your most comfortable posture. With a larger desk space, you can use various devices and equipment freely. And you can push the screen to the rear to see the entire battlefield at a glance, or pull the screen forward to explore open world on full sight.
    UltraGear Monitor Ergo for Gamer

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