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How to Connect an Audio System

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How to Connect an Audio System



You can connect your audio system to your TV using either analog or digital connections,

depending on output jacks your TV and audio system have (i.e. HDMI, Toslink, Optical, etc.) 

Refer to the following steps to have everything connected.

1. Make sure your TV and audio systems are turned off.

Locate the audio output jacks on your TV.

    For analog connections, look for a single 3.5mm mini-jack (select models only).

    For digital connections, look for the optical digital output jack or HDMI (ARC) input.



3. Connect your cables to any unused audio input jack on your audio system.

    For analog connections, any RCA audio input is fine (such as TAPE or AUX).

    For digital connections, look for the optical digital input jack or HDMI output

    if such selected on television.

4. From the TV OSD menu -> select the AUDIO sub-menu -> select SOUND OUT 

    -> select External Speaker.



5. Once your TV and audio system are connected, make sure your audio receiver volume is low

    before testing sound.

    Select the correct input on your audio receiver and gradually increase the volume.


Should the audio system support "LG Sound Sync" and you wish to connect it via Optical Digital

Audio you will stand to gain better sound maneuverability. Please refer to following instructions

taken from the on-board user guide:



And, ultimately, to avoid messy wiring around the entertainment center, there is "LG Sound Sync"

wireless allowing Bluetooth supported devices to handle television's sound delivery.




Should customer have opted for connection of external speakers whether a sound bar, home cinema

system or Audio Video Receiver, and opted for HDMI or Optical Digital output, one more selection is

left to the customer in case of experiencing difficulties obtaining decent sound.


The customer can switch Digital Audio Output from "Auto" to "PCM" (pulse code modulation):



For further assistance, we urge you to contact our Call Interaction Centre at 1.888.542.2623

to obtain greater clarification in optimizing your entertainment unit.




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