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How to Adjust Sync





How to Adjust Sync





With the venue of Digital TV High Definition broadcast, stations soon realized they had to

compensate by holding back audio portion matching video signal. Reason being there is

tremendously more video information to be processed in digital than there was in analog

especially since soundtracks remained virtually intact.


That being said, broadcasters managed to incorporate delays in the audio signal so that by

the time the picture was being processed on screen the correct audio time signature would

match lip movement on screen perfectly.


THERE ARE STILL OLDER ADVERTISEMENTS for which atrocious lip sync issue is very

noticeable and difficult to watch.


PLEASE DO NOT AJUST THE AV SYNC for those limited incidents as it will throw off

everything else that was corrected which is the majority of current viewing material.


Only adjust AV SYNC if absolutely everything viewed across all sources connected to the

television experiences exact same deficiency.



How to Adjust Sync



AV Sync can be adjusted so the audio from the person speaking on the TV matches their lip



1. Press the Smart button  on the remote controller.

    Select Settings > SOUND then press WHEEL or ENTER.


2. Select the AV Sync Adjust option and press WHEEL or ENTER.


3. Choose ON if there is a sync issue.

    Adjust the External Speaker slider to the left to delay sound, or the right to delay video.



4. If the problem persists, refer to the sections on resolving lip sync issues on external devices.




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