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webOS TV – Speech to text function

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[LG webOS TV] Operating speech to text 


how to use Filling text box using speech


              You can use Speech to Text function to enter words in the text box.

              If you press magic remote button when screen keyboard is shown on your TV, you can input the text by your voice.


              1. Move the Magic Remote pointer in the text box to open the virtual keyboard.
                  magic remote

              2. Press the mic button on the Magic Remote or virtual keyboard.


              3. When the Speech to Text information display window appears as shown below, speak the command clearly and slowly.


                  speech to text setting


                  mic pointmic point



              4. When the Speech to Text is complete, a list of Speech to Text results will appear as shown below.

                  If you do not get the results you want, press RETRY to try again. Select a result and it will be displayed on the text box.





              Cautions to enter text to speech

              Check the network connection before using the Speech to Text function.

              The Voice Recognition Language can be changed in home  settings  advanced setting  General Language   Voice Recognition Language.

                 Or press colorkeybutton of the remote control when the Speech to Text information display window appears.

                 The Voice Recognition Language can be changed temporarily.

              You can only use this function to agree to voice recognition terms.

              The Speech to Text rate may vary depending on the user's characteristics (voice, pronunciation, intonation and speed)

                 and the environment (noise and TV volume).

              To improve the accuracy of Speech to Text, you must speak clearly and loudly about 10 cm from the Magic Remote microphone.

              Voice recognition is unavailable in any password input field and the address bar of your Web Browser (excludes general search).


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