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[LG webOS TV] Sound mode options

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[LG webOS TV] Customizing Sound Mode Options



how to use Enabling Smart Sound Mode


             home  settings  advanced setting Sound Smart Sound Mode


             When this is enabled, the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal sound settings based on data

             it receives on the genre of program being viewed.
             In the list, click
On to enable this mode.


             ● When this feature is turned “on” you cannot adjust Sound Mode manually.



function Selecting Preset Sound Mode


             home  settings  advanced setting Sound Sound Mode



             Optimizes the sound for all types of content in general by giving it the flat line graphic equalizer




             Optimizes quality of sound to enhance the movie viewing experience by enabling matrix surround

             sound and giving it that extra bass kick.



             Optimizes quality of sound most suitable for watching the news by emphasizing mid-range

             frequencies where the human voice strives while drastically toning down both extremities in

             the range of frequency.



             Optimizes quality of sound whenever watching sporting events by emulating the feeling of being there

             in the stadium as the television’s sound system places focus on the surround sound experience while

             keeping the graphic EQ flat-lined.



             Optimizes quality of sound for listening to music by raising both low frequency and high frequency

             range to increase the sound dynamics giving it more punch.



             Optimizes quality of sound for whenever playing video games by incorporating surround sound effects

             to increased bass and treble bringing lifelike sound qualities to the experience.



function Using Sound Effects


          home ► settings  advanced setting Sound Sound Effects


             Clear Voice II

             You can get the dialogue to sound clearer amidst loud background noise by adjusting to one of

             the three levels of clarity .


             Virtual Surround Plus (ULTRA Surround)

             Enjoy an immersive soundscape with the virtual multi-channel surround sound effect.

             Virtual Surround Plus (ULTRA Surround) can only be selected in 2D mode.

             3D Sound Zooming

             Delivers realistic sound in accordance with video contents’ three-dimensional effects.

             3D Sound Zooming can only be enabled in 3D mode.


             You can set the desired sound by directly adjusting all 5-band of the equalizer.

             (100Hz / 300Hz / 1kHz / 3kHz / 10kHz)



             You can adjust the volume of the left and right speakers.



             You can reset modified sound effects to initial original factory settings.

             - Options may vary depending on the model.



function Setting Volume Mode 


             home ► settings  advanced setting Sound Volume Mode


             Auto Volume

             Click On to have the volume automatically adjust itself for different broadcasting stations so you

             can always listen to channels at a desired volume especially after switching between channels. 


             Volume Increase Amount

             Select Low / Medium / High to adjust the volume range.


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