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[LG webOS TV] – Photo Editor feature

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[LG webOS TV] LG Photo Editor




how to use Using LG Photo Editor


           You can edit TV screenshots, photos taken from your digital camera or smartphone or, images

           saved in the connected USB peripheral.

           1. Press the home button on the remote control and select option at the bottom right corner

               of the screen.

           2. Locate and launch LG Photo Editor from the various applications on the launcher bar.  


          photo editor


           save : You can save images.

           undo : You can undo the last action performed during decoration.
           erase : You can erase decorations.
           decorate photo : You can decorate your photo in a variety of tools and stickers.
           cut : You can remove the areas that you want in a variety of shapes.
           select : You can select the area you want to zoom in on, zoom out of or rotate.
           import : You can import desired images.

           hide menus : You can hide menus.



           ● You can only use this feature with the Magic Motion Remote.

           ● You cannot control this function usingup arrow/down arrow/left arrow/right arrow buttons of the remote control.

           ● If you work a lot using the drawing tools, TV can slow down.

           ● When each decorating objects are overlapping, the order is pens, stickers and pictures

              from the top.

           ● You cannot import bigger images than 2MB.

           ● The image capturing feature on this product is provided for your personal and

              noncommercial use. Any commercial use of copyrighted images extracted by using such

              image capturing feature may be an infringement of copyrights and constitute a criminal

              offense. LG expressly disclaims any responsibility for illegal distribution or use of such

              copyrighted images for commercial purposes.


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