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[LG webOS TV] Web browser limitations

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[LG webOS TV] Internet Browser Problems




symptom Parts of websites are missing from the page on screen

             On the From the television Web Browser, it may be impossible to play media files in formats other

             than: JPEG/PNG/GIF or HTML5. Please note that LG webOS Televisions do not support Flash nor

             any of its plug-ins and cannot accommodate installation of any Flash version software.



symptom  Internet browser automatically shuts down
                  The Internet browser may be forced to shut down if available memory size is insufficient to
             accommodate the website information being viewed or too many browser tabs opened for
             all to be processed appropriately.


              To get the most out of surfing the Internet viewing it on your large screen television it is highly
             recommended to connect the laptop PC to the flat screen display and use it as a computer
             monitor .

             ● Information on reaching LG customer service for any technical assistance is provided on-screen

                 at: home  settings  advanced setting   General About This TV on the TV.










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