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Picture appears very blurry

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Picture on screen appears blurry


As flat panel display screen sizes are getting larger and more affordable compounded to 4K resolution technology, one should appreciate that any analog video source, whether TV broadcasting, VHS tapes or antiquated game console’s poor resolution content will appear incredibly horrendous on newer television screens.

Is it really fair to compare picture quality from your older 27 inch tube television to, let’s say for argument’s sake, a 55 inch 4K resolution flat panel display? Of course the lesser resolution content will get better treatment from the smaller device, especially sitting at the same distance from both screens... it’s an optical illusion.

If you’re watching a program received over-the-air by antenna or through an entry level analog (digital channels) cable set-top box don’t expect the picture on screen to be even anywhere near mediocre clarity. It’s just the way it is… garbage-in, garbage-out!


1. Always run an on-screen Picture Test to first determine whether a video source or panel issue.

    [Settings] → [Advanced settings] → [Picture] → [Picture Test]

2. Verify whether received broadcasting signal by antenna is a digital television channel (6-1, 7-1, 9-1…).

 ※ Channels such as 6-0, 7-0... are analog and they produce much lesser clear pictures than from digital broadcasting.

3. If you use an external device (set-top box, PC, etc.), connect it to TV via HDMI cable, then check the signal reception strength and quality of the set-top box.

 ※ If signal reception of set-top box is unstable or HDMI cable defective, it can result in low picture quality, mosaic effect, picture freezing, etc.

4. Check the output resolution of the external device.

※ Resolution appears on the upper information display when you press the confirm button (wheel) of remote control.

For HD set-top boxes the ideal resolution is 1080i or 1080p while Ultra HD (4k) set-top boxes should have their output resolution configured to 2160P from set-top-box settings menu.


5. If picture mode is set to eco-mode or energy saving and picture on screen appears either dark, dim or unclear.

- Press “mute” button on remote control 3 times in a row to initialize picture/audio.

[Home] [Settings] [Advanced settings] [Picture mode] [Standard]

If the color of standard mode picture appears dark, configure “backlighting” by increasing level or do the same with “brightness”.

6. If all above troubleshooting tips fail and the flat panel display has not been subjected to physical trauma, whether intentional or accidental, then please contact LG Customer Service at 1-888-542-2623 for next course of action involving servicing the product.

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