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Closed captions

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Whenever watching analog or digital broadcasting, you can get captions to appear on screen if broadcast program has been provided with that extended data service which are captions in the transmission signal. This is a wonderful feature for those experiencing hearing impediment or learning a language.

[Digital caption options 1~6] User can set the size and color of captions.

Select [Auto setting] or [User setting].

If you choose [User setting] you can customize size/color/transparency of captions as well as color/transparency of background.


[Digital caption settings] is only available from digital broadcasting stations. 

For models produced after 2009, digital caption size can be adjusted.

Feature only works for digital/analog broadcasting and external input and it will make caption appear on screen when the broadcasting station transmits a program which has been coded with captions whether in English or other language.

For analog broadcasting/external input, caption language may or may not exist and, if it does, it generally comes in the language of the soundtrack.

For digital broadcasting, go through caption services 1 to 6 until you obtain desired caption language



① Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Settings] → [Option] → [Captions] →ON

② Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Settings] → [Option] → [Captions] → [Digital captions]

    → User setting: You can choose size, color and background of captions.

<webOS 2014~2016 TV models>:

① Remote control [Home] → [Settings] → [Advanced settings] → [Accessibility] → [Captions] → ON

② Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Settings] → [Accessibility] → [Captions] → [Digital Mode Options]

    → User setting: You can select the size, color and background of captions.

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