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TV gets hot.

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All electronic devices generate heat the moment their respective printed circuit boards are in operation. Furthermore, the inclusion of a display panel as part of these electronic devices will generate additional heat pending running luminosity and brightness. Some flat panel displays will produce more heat than others especially those that fall under self-emitting light technology as opposed to relying on backlighting.


Cold-cathode fluorescent backlighting LCD flat panel displays reproduce pictures on screen by allowing and/or preventing backlight interacting with color filtered LCD substrate. Pending image brightness, amount of time running unit, screen size, video signal input and video processors, all these elements will combine in producing heat that may be considered exceeding normal standards. That is completely normal.


There are two types of LCD televisions relying on LED for light source:

Direct type: light diode arrays arranged checkerboard style all over the back panel.

Edge type: light diode arrays spread on the fringe of the display.


LED lamp clusters are less prone at dissipating heat loss as they are most energy efficient.


Organic Light Emitting Diode panels, being self-emitting, same as plasma panels for that matter, may generate more heat than conventional panels when in operation yet nothing out of the ordinary.

Despite any level of heat generated, it will never get warm enough to heat up the place on a cold winter night.

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