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Audio is too low.

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When there is a difference in volume between channels, although you didn’t turn the volume up/down, check whether “Auto Volume” is configured to “On”.

- If you are using a set-top box, Auto Volume and Smart Sound Mode features will have no effect on resulting audio quality.



Non-Smart TV models:

Set the Auto Volume “On”.

Set Clear Voice feature and Smart Sound Mode “Off”.

- Auto Volume feature adjusts the volume appropriately between channels and within a channel automatically keeping it within a set range preventing sudden loud bursts or quiet whispering.

- Clear Voice feature is one that emphasizes human voice frequency making dialogue between characters clearer and stand-out amidst very loud background noise

If the sound other than voice, such as background music, is not clear, set the Clear Voice option “Off”.

- If you are using Smart Sound Mode, the optimized sound option respective to each particular content is automatically set so the sound quality may change, which will lead to difference in volume between channels.

※ This feature is provided on some models only.

TV Models manufactured prior to 2011: 

[Setting] → [Audio] → [Auto Volume] : On

[Setting] → [Audio] → [Clear Voice] : Off 

[Home] or [Smart] [Setting] [Sound] [Volume Mode] [Auto Volume] On

[Home] or [Smart] [Setting] [Sound] [Clear Voice] Off

[Home] or [Smart] [Setting] [Sound] [Smart Sound Mode] Off

Should above troubleshooting tips fail to improve sound quality, there is a possibility root cause could be peripheral device.

To determine whether a television or video source issue, it is recommended to run a sound test on the TV.

Should the sound test fail to produce expected results and you ensured TV not in Mute mode while

Internal TV speaker option was selected in the Audio menu prior to running such test, then there is

an issue about the TV sound that only a certified technician could fix. Please contact LG Customer

Service at 1.888.542.2623 to arrange for service.

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