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Red Bull TV App termination on Smart TV



Red Bull TV streaming App icon

Article overview icon Issue

Red Bull TV provides live events, the best in action sports, new music and entertainment and thrilling videos from world adventurers.

About Red Bull TV

Smart TV App service “Red Bull TV” was closed down on November 24th 2017, at the service provider's request.

During the eventual re-packaging of the LG Content Store (software update) the app icon will be removed from the list of available Apps while there is no telling yet whether the service will be expected to be available again from the LG Content Store.

Termination of the App service is across the board regardless of Smart television’s operating system.

Latest Update article icon Situation Update

Red Bull TV will no longer be available on LG Smart TVs as per Red Bull Media House's request. For those who wish to continue streaming their content, please access the service via PC or mobile device. If App was already downloaded and installed to the television, you may still find the app icon appearing on screen, but will experience unexpected technical difficulties attempting to run the app. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as there is, unfortunately, nothing to prevent it.

Like many other media content service providers before them, it would appear Red Bull Media made an executive decision involving consolidating their streaming efforts on mobile devices as opposed to run multiple different platforms.

Red Bull TV streaming app description


We respect Red Bull Media's decision and hope that you will benefit from superior playback performance by viewing Red Bull TV content on your LG TV via your smartphone or other mobile device.