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Voice Guidance

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Should a voice from the television confirm results from every press of the volume or channel up or down keys on the remote controller while that function was not intentionally activated, that feature, named "Audio Guidance", could have been activated accidentally and may be turned "off".



There are features on Smart televisions, andconventional TVs as well, not necessarily intended for the average consumer.One such feature was designed to assist visually impaired navigate volume andchannel control by providing vocal guidance.

By activating the “Audio Guidance” on the television,every time the up or down button for either volume or channel on the remotecontrol is pressed, a voice will confirm the new state of change made.

If, by any chance, the feature is activated in errorit might become annoying for those who find no value in it. Feature should thenbe deactivated.



For conventional (non-Smart TV), please follow belowinstructions as specified in the owner manual:

ForwebOS Smart Televisions, procedures are fundamentally the same as above fordeactivation at the exception that, for those who can make use of the feature,the speed, volume and pitch of the voice can be adjusted between low to high.




If this AUDIO GUIDANCE feature has been enabled by accident or inadvertently you will notice that the Magic Motion Remote Controller’s command of the on-screen cursor has been disabled.


To disable Audio Guidance feature option and regain on-screen cursor control, bring the highlight up to “On/Off” toggle line by pressing Arrow Up button on remote controller until you get there. Once option highlighted, press ENTER button to toggle option back to “off”.  



To confirm feature option has been turned “off”, the On/Off toggle button will be greyed out and moved to the left. Returning to previous menu page will also show the word OFF underneath Audio Guidance option. If the toggle button is still fuchsia colored and to the right, then it means feature has not been disabled. Press ENTER key on remote controller.

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