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Screen Share pop-up message

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Inadvertent pop-up message on screen alerting users, while viewing TV content, some unknown phone within searchable range is attempting to connect in order to share its screen.


While watching television, out of the blue, a “Screen Share” pop-up message appears on screen prompting user to proceed with the request or to ignore. The screen of the unknown phone or PC will also appear on screen interrupting TV viewing for user to make an informed choice.

The moment any unknown phone gets within searchable range of the Miracast featured television, attempts to connect will be initiated causing the pop-up message on screen.

As Miracast screen sharing is handled through Wi-Fi Direct, connection between an unknown phone and the television is possible even if both devices do not share the same network connection.


From the Screen Share tab on the television’s launcher bar, access that App then deactivate the “Listen Mode”.

HOME > Screen Share > Listen Mode > switch it “off”

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