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Netflix won’t load – webOS 1.0 Smart TV

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Netflix loading incessantly – App won’t start



LG webOS 1.0 Smart TV (from the 2014 product line-up) may experience difficulties getting the Netflix App to properly launch and start on screen.

We are informed there is an issue with the Netflix server and Netflix is investigating. LG engineers are working closely with Netflix to get the situation identified and resolved quickly. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing.

In the interim time, we urge you to push Netflix streaming content from your Smartphone or computer over to the television until the issue has been fixed.

 Affected TV models

LG model numbers that could be experiencing temporary service interruption are:

The moment issue has been resolved it will be communicated to end-users in the form of firmware update when next accessing Netflix App directly from the television.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the temporary service disruption but, we are expecting a resolution in the very near future.

Any other unrelated Netflix issue can be resolved by contacting the LG Call Information Centre toll-free, to discuss, at 1.888.542.2623 or by accessing other troubleshooting assistance by searching our website Help Library.

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