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Volume cuts off all of a sudden

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Experiencing sudden loss of volume from the television, especially during climactic scenes, is not only annoying it is very unpleasant and irritable.



Customers have been reporting sudden volume loss from their LG Smart television. Upon investigation, it was noticed these customers were making use of the same Android remote controller App on their phones. Further investigation revealed an App update that took place after February 17th, 2018 is at the core of such unfortunate situation.

The App in question is known as “Peel Remote” App and there are many versions available from Google Play Store. Some phones even have that App pre-installed from the factory.

In a nutshell, the App automatically activates itself in the background then starts giving sudden voice commands to the television resulting in lowering volume down to “0” very abruptly. This occurs when both television and the Peel Remote App-embedded smartphone are connected to the same home network router.



For mobile phones which “Peel Remote” is a default pre-installed App, you cannot delete the App from the phone. However, you can render it inactive.

Please follow these instructions to deactivate the App:

For mobile phones which “Peel Remote” App was downloaded and installed from Google Play Store, you could “Force Stop” the App but it may misbehave as the warning insinuates or, highly recommended, better to uninstall it altogether from the phone until developer figures out a way to stabilize the App.

Please follow these instructions to uninstall the App:






Customers reluctant to uninstall App, please be aware that the App developer has since updated the App to fix this issue.

To proceed with updating the App to latest version, please follow these steps:



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