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CinemaNow - Service termination

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For whoever relied on CinemaNow application to stream movie and video content on their Smart TV or device, we regret to inform you the service has been officially terminated. This applies to all platforms, whether mobile or stationary, and, affects all brands without exception, in Canada as well as in the United States. Regrettably, the app is no longer available.


CinemaNow was a video streaming service provider that changed hands often over time from Regent Equity Partners to Rovi to Best Buy. The company was last acquired by FilmOn in January 2016. It is alleged CinemaNow was apparently unable to secure a big enough chunk of the online digital movie business to survive, hence the service termination on smart devices.


 We apologize for any inconvenience this sudden cessation of service may have caused. This decision from latest shareholding company was theirs and theirs alone to make. We can only respect their wish to exit the market and bid them success in their future endeavors.

Despite the App icon still visible on LG NetCast platform Smart televisions’ dashboard, it will be called to disappear in the very near future with next server update. In the meanwhile, attempting to open the service from the Smart TV dashboard will only result in experiencing technical difficulties and app failing to start.


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