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MLB TV App no longer supporting Flash-based content

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Major League Baseball opted to officially put an end to their Flash-based content streaming service now endorsing only HTML5 streaming format. Flash-based MLB.TV App service has been terminated as of February 22nd, 2018.


Not that many years ago, TV manufacturers featured Flash-based streaming content format of choice at the time as the only available option. Recognizing the benefits of this new HTML5 format and its global adoption potential, TV manufacturers began incorporating HTML playability support in their products with the 2013 product line-up.

A few years later, most content service provider saw fit to streamline and shift all their content to HTML format giving up completely on previous Flash-based content. That was an executive decision that just about every streaming content provider would eventually follow suit.

This would mean that most Smart Television products manufactured prior to 2014 would become deprived of good number of Premium App content playability, of which, MLB.TV has recently joined the bandwagon.

 Situation Update

None of the LG webOS Operating System platform Smart Television will be affected as they all feature HTML5 playability.

Previous LG Smart Television Operating System, known as NetCast, starting from version 4.0 (2014 models) or greater, will also continue offering the MLB.TV service.

For those whose MLB.TV service app has ceased (Flash-based content streaming only Smart TV), there might be a residual popup message appearing on screen to the effect of App termination or Activation Code request. Notifications along with content service icon will disappear altogether from TV screen at the next scheduled new software update.

Any issue-related concerns can be addressed with content service provider via their website: www.mlb.com

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Understanding the incredibly rapid change in technology and business acumen, we can only respect our business partner’s decision.

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