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LG TV powers “off” on its own

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It has been observed that some LG televisions randomly power “off” by themselves automatically. A common factor with most incident reported featured a BOSE sound bar connected to these LG televisions.




Incident replicated at the factory. It so happens that when a BOSE sound bar is connected to an LG TV and not being operated, LG TV AUDIO SOUND OUT option set to TV INTERNAL SPKR or HEADPHONE, after 20 minutes of viewing TV, the sound bar, being completely inactive, sends a HDMI CEC command to the television to go into “stand-by” mode, therefore powering “off” the TV.


The BOSE sound bar features  “AUTO-OFF TIMER” function which through HDMI connectivity and CEC commands instruct all interconnected peripherals to shut down if sound bar inactivity has been detected after 20 minutes.


 Troubleshooting Steps

Although the issue is created by the external audio equipment, it directly affects the LG television in responding inadequately.

To resolve this issue, have the customer disable the BOSE sound bar’s “AUTO-OFF TIMER” function from their “BOSE SoundTouch” Mobile App.


If customer experiences difficulties finding and disabling that function on their SoundTouch sound bar, have customer contact BOSE Customer Service.





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