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3D Playback/Performance Issues

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The absence of a 3D picture while using a 3D enabled Blu-ray player is often the result of an incompatible television.

Enable 3D Mode

3D Mode will need to be enabled from the Blu-ray players menu before the unit will provide the television with a 3D signal.

Select the HOME button on the LG Blu-ray remote.

Navigate to SETUP.

Scroll down to DISPLAY.

Choose 3D Mode and set to ON.

Is the television in use 3D capable?

Have you attempted to view 3D content on your television before? If not, your television may not be 3D compatible and/or a 3D capable HDMI cable is not in use in which case 3D Mode will be grayed out.

You may need to contact the manufacturer of the television to determine its 3D compatibility.

Enable 3D viewing on the TV

Before a 3D movie can be viewed from the Blu-ray player, you must first enable 3D viewing on the television.

If you are using the TV manufacturer's remote, there should be a 3D button located somewhere on the remote that you will need to select.

For further information on enabling/troubleshooting 3D with your television you will need to contact the manufacturer of said television.

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