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BD- Menu Settings


Menu settings will vary by model but will all have the same general features. In order to access the menu settings, select the Home button on the Home Theate System's remote and then navigate to Setup.


TV Aspect Ratio- Select a TV ratio option according to your TV type.

4:3 Letter Box- Select when a standard 4:3 TV is connected. Displays theatrical images with masking bars located above and below the picture.

4:3 Pan Scan- Select when a standard 4:3 TV is connected. Displays pictures cropped to fill your TV screen. Both sides of the picture are cut off.

16:9 Original- Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected. The 4:3 picture is displayed with an original 4:3 aspect ratio, with black bars appearing at the left and right sides.

16:9 Full- Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected. The 4:3 picture is adjusted horizontally (in a linear proportion) to fill the entire screen.

Resolution- Sets the output resolution of the Component and HDMI video signal.

Auto- If the HDMI Out jack is connected to the TV providing display information (EDID), it automatically selects the resolution best suited to the connected TV.

1080p- Outputs 1080 lines of progressive video.

1080i- Outputs 1080 lines of interlaced video.

720p- Outputs 720 lines of progressive video.

720i- Outputs 720 lines of interlaced video.

480i- Outputs 480 lines of progressive video.

1080p Display Mode- When the resolution is set to 1080p, select 24Hz for smooth presentation of film material with an HDMI equipped display compatible with 1080p/24Hz input.

When you select 24Hz, you may experience some picture disturbance when the video switches video and film material. In this case, select 60Hz.

HDMI Color Setting- Select the type of output from the HDMI OUT jack. For this setting, refer to the owner's manual for your television.

YCbCr- Select when connecting to an HDMI display device.

RGB- Select when connecting to a DVI display device.

Wallpaper- Changes the background of the initial screen.

3D Mode (If Applicable)- Select the type of output mode for Blu-ray 3D disc playback.

Off- Blu-ray 3D disc playback will output as 2D mode like a normal BD-Rom disc playback.

On- Blu-ray 3D disc playback will output as 3D mode.

Home Menu Guide- This function allows you to display or delete the guide bubble from the Home Menu.


Display Menu- Select a language for the Setup menu and the on-screen display.

Disc Menu/Disc Audio/Disc Subtitle- Select the language you prefer for the audio track (Disc Audio), subtitles, and the disc menu.

Original Refers to the original language in which the disc was recorded.

Other- Press Enter to select another language.

Off (Disc Subtitle Only)- Turns subtitles off.

Note: Depending on the disc, your language setting may not work.


Speaker Setup - Optimizes the surround sound experience.

To obtain the best possible sound, use the speaker setup display to specify the volume of the speakers you have connected and their distance from your listening position. Use the test to adjust the volume of the speakers to the same level.

[Speaker] - Select the speaker you wish to adjust.

[Volume] - Adjust the output level of each speaker.

[Distance] - Adjust the distance between each speaker to the listening position.

[Test/Stop test tone] - The speakers will emit a test tone one at the time to verify they are correctly placed in the room.

[OK] - Confirms the settings.

[Cancel] - Cancels the settings.

HD AV Sync (High Definition Audio Video synchronization) - Matches the audio to the image.

Sometimes Digital TV encounters a delay between picture and sound. If this happens you can compensate by setting a delay on the sound so that it effectively ‘waits’ for the picture to arrive: this is called HD AV Sync. Use arrows up & down to scroll up and down through the delay amount, which you can set at anything between 0 and 300 ms.

DRC (Dynamic Range Control)- This function allows you to listen to a movie at a lower volume without losing clarity of sound.

Auto- The dynamic range of the Dolby TrueHD audio output specified by itself.

On- Compress the dynamic range of the Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, or Dolby TrueHD audio output.

Off- Turns this function off.


The Lock settings affect only CinemaNow movies, Blu-ray Discs and DVD playback.

Password- Create or change the password used to enter the Lock menu.

None- Enter a 4-digit password twice, then press Enter to create a new password.

Change- Enter the current password and press Enter on the remote. Enter a 4-digit password twice then press Enter to create a new password.

If you forget your password you can clear it by:

Remove any disc that might be in the player.

Select Password in the Setup menu.

Use the number buttons to enter 210499 to clear the password.

DVD Rating- Blocks playback of rated DVDs based on their content.

Rating 1-8- Rating 1 has the most restrictions and rating 8 is the least restrictive.

Unlock- If you select Unlock, parental control is not active and the disc plays in full.

BD Rating- Set an age limit of BD-ROM play. Use the number buttons to input an age limit for the BD-ROM viewing.

255- All BD-ROMs can be played.

0-254- Prohibits play of BD-ROM with corresponding ratings recorded on them.

Area Code- Enter the code of the area whose standards were used to rate the DVD disc.


The Network settings are needed to use the software update, BD-Live, and online content.

Connection Setting- If your home network environment is ready to connect the player, use this option to connect.

Connection Status- If you want to check the network status on your player, select this feature and check whether a connection to the network has been established.

Media File Sharing- If you want to share files in the internal HDD to your PC or DLNA client device on your home network, set this option to ON.

Media Share (DLNA) Allowance- You can allow or deny DLNA devices to access share files.

File Share (CIFS) ID/Password- For your security, you can set your ID and password for accessing share files from your PC.

Device Name- You can make a network name using a virtual keyboard.

Wi-Fi Direct- This player has the capability to connect to other devices without connecting to an access point (router).

BD-Live Connection- You can restrict internet access when BD-Live functions are used.

Permitted- Internet access is permitted for all BD-Live contents.

Partially Permitted- Internet access is permitted only for BD-Live content which have content owner certificates.

Prohibited- Internet access is prohibited for all BD-Live content.


Netflix ESN- Displays the unique ESN (Electronic Serial Number) that allows you to use the Netflix streaming.

Deactivate Netflix- Deactivates the Netflix account on your player. To reactivate, simply log back into your account from the Premium Apps menu.

Premium/LG Apps

Country Settings- Select your area for displaying proper services and content on the Premium and LG Apps services.

Registration Code- Display the unique code of this player for servicing.



Factory Set- Reset the player to original factory settings.

Internal HDD Format- Format the internal HDD. All content stored will be deleted after the formatting.


Information- Display the current software version.

Update the software by connecting the unit directly to the software update server (after having connected the player to your home network).

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