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Netflix- Cannot Stream Titles

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BD- Netflix- Cannot Stream Titles


Streaming difficulties are often the result of a low network connection speed. If you experience poor quality video, or videos have to stop and buffer frequently then the bandwidth of the home network may be insufficient. Network ready televisions will scan the available bandwidth and adjust the quality of the video so that it is presented without interruption.

Does this happen with all titles or only one?

If this occurs with only one title, the stream could temporarily be down or experiencing an issue and will need to be reported to Netflix Canada at 1-877-742-1335.

If this happens with all titles, check your network settings.

Perform a network reset

Unplug the power cable to both the modem and the router for 15-20 seconds.

Connect the power cable back to the modem, then the router.

The modem must be connected first unless you are using a router/modem combo unit.

Check the streaming quality again.

If the problem continues after the network reset, contact your cable service provider for additional network troubleshooting.

Deactivate then Reactivate Netflix

Press the Home button on the LG remote.

Choose Setup.

Select Network.

Access Netflix.

Select Netflix Deactivation.

To reactivate Netflix you will simply log back into your Netflix account.

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