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Youtube- General Operation

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BD- YouTube- General Operation


YouTube will operate differently depending on the model type that you have.

Smart TV Model

Smart TV Features:

Smart TV models offer a more full-featured version of the YouTube interface than we have had available in the past few years.

Discover Channels- Channels break down content based on classifications such as Animated, Comedy, Family, etc...

Search- Allows you to search for specific content.

My YouTube- This is used to link the application with your existing YouTube account.

Featured- Allows you to view content based on popularity and recent trends.

Accessing your account

The Smart TV version of YouTube doesn't allow you to sign in directly using your username and password.

The Smart TV version works similar to the activation code method used by Netflix. The TV will generate an activation code and you will need to enter the code at

NetCast Models

NetCast Features:

The YouTube application on these units provides a little more control than the Smart TV models

Home- Brings you back to the Home screen menu.

Featured- Will give you the option of viewing recently added content.

Popular- Gives you the option of viewing highly watched content.

Most Viewed- Gives you the option to watch commonly viewed content.

Search- Gives you the option of letting you type in the name of a video you wish to preview.

History- Shows your recently watched videos.

Favorites- Shows the videos you have saved as Favorites.

Sign In/Out- Logs you out of your account.

Account Activation

Scroll over to the Sign In option to the far right and press Enter once the option is highlighted.

Follow the on-screen directions to activate your account.

Note: Press the Volume +/- key on the remote to change the layout of the keyboard.

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