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“iHeartRadio” streaming service

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Streaming music from iHeartRadio





iHeartRadio is an Internet radio platform. It was originally founded in 2008 as a website.

Since 2015, iHeartRadio now operates as both a music recommender system and a radio network

aggregating audio content from over 800 local iHeartMedia radio stations across the United States,

as well as from hundreds of other stations and from various other media. iHeartRadio is available

online, via mobile devices, and on select video-game consoles.


Official website:


Subscription fee:

Regular package:     FREE

Premium service:      n/a


Streaming Quality:

Regular:   MP3  (128 kbps)





Making use of iHeartRadio streaming service on LG Music Flow speaker assortment.



Use of iHeartRadio streaming services will require setting up an account with iHeartRadio. Proceed to

aforementioned official site link from PC or Phone.


Go to [Setting] > [Account Management] > [iHeartRadio] in Music Flow Player application to activate it

on your device.


Once you have completed setting-up and login-in to iHeartRadio service in the Music Flow Player

application you can enjoy the service in [Streaming Service] > [iHeartRadio]

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