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Volume LED indicator confirmation

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Knowing how the LED volume on the LG WK7 Wi-Fi portable speaker indicates either output alteration or volume level maintained is explained.


Understanding the blinking LED indicator light process on the LG WK7 portable Wi-Fi speaker when voice command given to increase or decrease volume happens to be at the exact same volume level speaker was last left at.

Understanding volume output further to voice command to increase or decrease volume by means of number range, either 1 to 10 or from 11 to 100.


The following diagram explains process in two different examples with supporting pictures for sake of clarity.



As for the number range utilized to increase or decrease volume output of the LG WK7 Wi-Fi speaker, please note that the maximum volume is set to 10. However, OK Google will also recognize the numbers 11 through 100. Only, once past 10, number dictated will set volume as a percentage. So whether you instruct OK Google to set volume at 5 or 50, the output will be the same, 5 being half of 10 and so is 50%.

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