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2011 Flat Panel Displays featuring ARC (audio return channel)

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Audio Return Channel - Allows an HDMI-connected television with


a built-in tuner to send audio data upstream to a surround sound


audio system, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable.




Plasma models: 60PZ950, 60PZ750, 50PZ950, 50PZ750




LED backlit: 55LW9800, 47LW9800, 65LW6500, 55LW6500, 47LW6500


                    55LW5700, 47LW5700, 42LW5700, 32LW5700


                    55LW5600, 47LW5600, 42LW5600, 55LV5500, 47LV5500, 42LV550


                    55LV5400, 47LV5400, 42LV5400, 55LV3700, 47LV3700, 42LV3700




LCD models: 47LK550, 42LK550, 55LK530, 47LK530, 42LK530




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