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Television: No Sound / No Audio - troubleshooting

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Checking the obvious: Volume, Mute, SAP, TV Speaker and source signal


Is sound coming “on” when increasing volume with remote? Does icon show up on screen?


If customer answers “no” to both have them try the volume button on the front panel of TV.


If still no audio, has the MUTE button on remote control been accidentally pressed?


If an older analog television, has the SAP (2nd Audio Program) button been pressed?


Have TV speakers been turned “off”?


Are there any other devices connected to television? Is there sound on TV from those?


Is there an LG Home Theatre System connected to TV? Is SimpLink™ turned “on”?


If SimpLink™ enabled is sound output selected to “TV speakers” or “Home Theatre’s”?


Should none of the above resolve this issue, then the television’s audio is problematic / defective.




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