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Channel Structure

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TV- Channel Structure


An important thing to note is that the channel structure of an LG Television is broken down into 4 parts in this order (DTV, TV, CADTV, CATV). The channels will only be displayed together within the tuner the TV is currently on. For example:


The TV will cycle through all CADTV stations before it begins to cycle through CATV stations. This means the TV could cycle through channels 2-79 on the CADTV tuner, then jump back to channel 2 to begin cycling through the CATV tuner. It is important to know which tuner the TV is currently using to display the channel. This can be determined by pressing the ‘Info” or ‘Enter’ button on the LG remote.

Accessing Channels Manually

Input the channel number using the remote.

If multiple channels are listed for that channel number, they will be displayed in the channel list on the top left hand side of the screen.

Select the correct channel from the displayed list.

It may be listed as CADTV 67.1, CATV 67-1, DTV 67-1.

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